TIGHT CURLS HAIR TUTORIAL (With a Curling Wand) - YouTubeWe discuss how to Attain loose waves And curls all of the time, but what about these more striking, tight curls? If you are searching to make a stunning hairstyles for short hair, loose curls or waves occasionally simply do not cut it. We have teamed up with our buddy Ana to explain to you just how you can attain stunning yet natural looking tight curls. To amp up the appearance even more, Ana utilizes her Ombre Blond Hair extensions to include much more volume to a volumized look.


Can you Have some strategies to making tight curls?

How To Do Tight Curls Tutorial - Victoria's Glamour

The Way to Find tight curls


Various Kinds of curls


First, let us talk about different Kinds of Curly and wavy hair is made based on the form of the follicle your hair grows from. Most short curly hair and wavy haired girls have a combination of textures in their mind, which explains why several sections of the hair take a gorgeous wave, while some just have a small bend and have to be mended with tools that are hot.


. .what does? It mean? This classification method makes it much easier for you to comprehend your own hair type and texture, so you are able to select the proper products for your own hair and speak more clearly with hairdressers and stylists.


Wavy Hair

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Since there are far more bends from the hair, Natural oils in the scalp don’t travel down the hair shaft, thus, in case you’ve got wavy hair, then you could realize your hair is prone to dryness and will frizz readily. Consistent, deep conditioning treatments and hair sprays are crucial to maintaining your hair frizz-freeglossy, shinysmooth.

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Here is actually the least wavy hair feel –nearly straight, with a small bend.




This hair feel includes more bends and seems If your hair obviously resembles that, congratulations! You probably have the most enviable hair feel around.




This is actually the waviest feel, and typically The least glistening of wavy textures and susceptible to dryness. Wavy 2C hair seems like it’s been curled using a more compact curling wand, roughly 1 1/4 inch.


Curly Hair


Curly hair is categorized as a 3, using a Particular S silhouette if pulled educated, and also the hair strand generally climbs back to its wavy condition. Since curled hair is the most likely to dryness and frizz, correct care is essential to maintaining healthy, lively curls. If failed, you might discover your curls appear damaged and dull.




This hair feel has larger loose S shapes During, similar to if you should moisturize your hair using a 1 inch curling wand into lace curls.




This hair feel has a certain tight Ringlet contour, springing back immediately if pulled.




This hair feel is generally found on Cultural hair types, also has a nearly Z contour into the tightness of these pops from the hair.




The Way to Find tight curls


Since this hairstyle requires a lot of Volume, start by restarting your own hair using a blowout. In case you haven’t really mastered the salon blowout just yet, just flip your hair and blow dry your hair until it’s all dry, to guarantee that the roots dry raised up. After that, reverse your hair back to get immediate volume.




The Way to Find tight curls


In her 2A hair with an extremely little 1/4 in curling wand, which will provide the hair these tight curls. Begin by dividing your hair in the nape of the neck and then clip on a 3-clip weft in.



The Way to Find tight curls


A inch and then wrap it round the toaster wand to make this ringlet type float. The trick to the hairstyle would be to operate in very little segments, so settle in! As soon as you’ve curly the whole first section of hair for example your extensions, then proceed to another step.



Separate your hair in your own ears and clip in After that, curl all of your hair like in Step 3.




The Way to Find tight curls


Separate your hair in the broadest Aspect of Your mind and clip the bigger 4-clip wet in. After that, curl all of your hair in tiny sections.




Separate your hair in the crown of the




Last, clip a 2-clip weft on either If you have bangs, make certain to curls the segments away from the face.


The Way to Find tight curls


And that is it! Hairstyle isn’t tough to attain, it will take a little bit of time and patience, however We think that it’s so well worth it. Now, you can either abandon the curls as it Or offer them a brush with a broad tooth comb to include much more quantity and drama.We have like to see! Did you like this tutorial?